They’re essential, they carry the things you need to live life, and frankly when they look cute, you also feel cuter, which is always a good plus. From time to time people tried to search the “it bag”, whatever that means, because to us all bags can be “it” when they do a good job; bearing all of your daily essentials, and looking mighty fine while doing it. So whether you’re into long straps or short one, canvas or faux leather, mini or over-sized, there’s a bag for everyone. And guess what, it’s your lucky day, because we’ll help you find one!


These might be your “It” bag.


Classic, but not so much.

This black number is a classic, but the ruffle strap gives a tad of an adorable twist. Black Priya IDR 459,000


Cool & Functional

The drawstring detail and pleated exterior made this bag cool as it is functional. Grey Lamar IDR 459,000

Tiny Little Brights

We love mini-bags, because at times they’re a lot more fun to look at! Mustard Gali IDR 329,000


A Bit of Red.

We don’t blame you if you feel extra posh carrying this. Red Lair IDR 169,000


Pun-ny Tote

For you pun-lovers out there who has a message to the world residing on the side of your tote. Just Steak It Easy IDR 99,000

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