Let’s get one thing straight: Girls look good in their power suits. Nothing says ‘serious business’ quite like a fitted blazer and tailored pants. What first started as a dress code in a workplace, is now something you can put on no matter the occasion a.k.a for those times when you just want to dress like you’re going to SLAY the day away.  And the exciting thing about power-dressing in the now is that you can have so much fun with it! Mix a blazer with a T-shirt? YAAAS! Wear a full suit with sneakers? Genius! Suits in the brightest colors? Please! The possibilities are endless really, the most important thing is that you feel powerful in it *cue Beyonce’s Formation in the background.

So keep on reading for a few of the many ways you can do power-dressing…

Feel Bold in The Boldest Hue

Power Dressing

For some serious Elle Woods vibe, look no further! Pink Sharon IDR 399,000 + Pink Stone IDR 329,000

The Power of Neutrals

Power Dressing

This is basically a Parka, but dress it with matching pants, you’d come into the room stomping. Lendra IDR 369,000 + Camel Crosby IDR 299,000


The Classics

Power Dressing

Deep down you know, that you always wanted to show that Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall side of you, us too.. Black Plaid Sharon IDR 429,000 + Black Plaid Toni IDR 329,000


Sharply Cool

Power Dressing

You’re not bossy, you’re just the ultimate #girlboss. Navy Printed Nancy IDR 459,000 + Navy Printed Tony IDR 349,000


Go get your power on here.



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