Shoes, might as well be one of the most important element to your outfit. One study in 2012 even suggested that the kicks you wear kind of shows who you are as a person. So, there’s that. Shoes are an essential part to your outfit. It can make or break the whole ensemble you put on. But, of course just like our multi-faceted personality, the shoes we wear varied widely according what type of day/mood we’re having. So we round up the shoes you may love rocking no matter what seasons you’re having in mind. And hey, choose your shoes wisely because they might as well serve as your first impression to the world!

Below are some kicks we’re sure you’ll love wearing.


Easy Mules..


We think that mules are the shoes that earned the spotlight these couple of years. And it is for a good reason, it’s super comfortable and the styling possibilities are endless! Black Flored Cobie


Go Pink or Go Home!


These shoes are the quirky take to the classic slip-on. Wear this and you’ll be giving off playful vibes all day. Pink Bundle 


Slip & Slides


The minimal of all kicks. They’re easy to get into and the right way to show your pedicures. Terracota Hassel Cobie


3D Florals


Sandals that will brighten up your whole look. The embellishments are to live for! Pink Flora


Edgy Flatform


Kicks for the fashion risk-takers! The splendid combination of sweet and edge. Plus, they’re comfortable to wear while also giving you height. Reyva


Check out shoes here, because you can’t have to many..

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