Have you heard? This month’s #COTTONINKstyledby is graced by the lovely Actress and Social Media Star, Caca Tengker! So, why are we going bananas over this, well, Caca is actually one of the most adorable human beings ever and plus, she got some great style going on. Known for her superbly effortless aesthetic with a feminine twist that is far from boring, we definitely know who to look up to for some fashion inspiration. Therefore, we welcome these Caca Tengker-approved looks with glee!

Anyway, we’ll let the pictures below do the talking..


Low-Key Chic

Caca Tengker

Tops: Grey Striped Ilene  Bottoms: Striped Wagner


Navy All Over

Caca Tengker

Dress: Rumer   Outerwear: Negan


Stripey Cool

Caca Tengker

Shirtdress: Red and Grey Elias   Jacket: Jayden


Check out the rest of Caca Tengker’s looks here, and go be stylish all day!

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