Her name is Clairine Christabel, but she prefers to be called as Clay. Previously known for using social media to share funny pictures of herself that has earned her the title of Miss Meme, she is now an actress who has just made her debut in Generasi Micin vs Kevin. We sat down with Clay to talk about how she got her role in her debut film to her personality, online and in real life.

Text by Lulu Nisrina. Photographs by Ila Schaffer.


How are you feeling today?

Great! I’m always feeling great.


Can you tell us about your debut movie, Generasi Micin vs Kevin?

So, one of the starring actors in the movie was Brandon Salim whom I’ve known since we were little. Just one day before script reading took place, the talent coordinator was still looking for an actress to play this one character. They then got my contact from Brandon. Thanks to him that I got reached out to!


Did you get feedbacks from your followers on Instagram about how relatable the movie was?

I got quite a lot of that. Well, I didn’t read all of the messages in my inbox, but most of the DMswell, because it has simple plots about high school students and their conflicts with each other, their teachers and familytold me the story was pretty much relatable.


How can you relate to the movie?

Back in highschool, I also got bullied. So, yeah, shooting scenes for the movie kind of took me back to those days. Like, “Whoa, I guess I’d been in this place before.”


Apart from what’s shown in the movie, what do you think about today’s generation?

Well, if people called this generation as the ones who only want to achieve something instantly, I guess, who doesn’t, though? But personally, I think today’s generation is more creative. We’ve got many platforms for us to channel our creative energy.


What was the most memorable scene to shoot?

I would say that every second spent on the set was memorable. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I really do think that way. It was my movie debut and I also starred as one of the main characters, which made totality in everything was a must.


When did you realize that you wanted to be an actress?

My parents also came from the entertainment industry. My mom was a singer and my dad an actor. Sometime during my elementary years, when I started to understand what they did for a living, I thought, “This must be fun!” Furthermore, I realized that I didn’t really enjoy the subjects I was learning at school and college. Then later for health reasons, I dropped out of college and I thought that it was the time for me to do something I’d wanted to do. Well, back then I still had no idea that acting was my passion, I just gave it a try. I thought if I ended up enjoying it, I could call it my passion. And so far, I do enjoy it!


The internet gave you the title of Miss Meme since you uploaded funny relationship related memes. Do you still create those contents?

No, I no longer create memes. It was in 2014 when I first created memes just for fun, and I guess I shouldn’t be the one who got referred to as Miss Meme cause I was inspired by the ones that were already trending in social media. Since I had not much to do back then, I uploaded memes daily and I guess I was lucky that mine got exposed. Then in 2016, I no longer created those kind of memes regularly since they were no longer relevant. I’m trying to keep up with the trends.


Are you the same person online and IRL?

Am I the same person off-screen? I think I am. Well, I actually am an introverted person who can’t easily get along with people. I don’t have that many friends cause I’m not a kind of person who asks people, “Let’s hang out!” I’m a person who stays at home most, but when I’m around the people I’m comfortable with, like my family and boyfriend, maybe I act the same like I do in front of the camera.


What do you want to achieve in 2019?

Hopefully, I could play in more movies with different genres in 2019.




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