This year is about to get more organized! We know that resolutions are not for everyone, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to be the less-cluttered version of yourself in 2018 instead of being the person who always manage to surprise themselves with his/her procrastinating ability. Less ‘I’ll get this done later until I forget them into oblivion’, more ‘I’m going to get this done on time because I’m a responsible adult!’  With that being said, we can’t help but wonder the early steps needed to evoke the more organized YOU in the new year, then one thing popped up: an uber cute stationeries that will serve as your Personal Assistant on-the-go! Nothing motivates like a pretty stationery that’ll remind you how being organized is always a good look. Thankfully COTTONINK just dropped a collab with the beloved illustrator Ayang Cempaka, consisting of the cutest stationeries you can think of, it’ll be a feast to your eyes!

Trust us, you’ll need this COTTONINKxAyangCempaka collection in your life.


No more “Eh, what day is this?”   

Cottonink Ayang Cempaka

A standing calendar with the most awesome illustrations of iconic cities. This will guide you through the year of course!


For the aspiring award-winning screenwriter

Cottonink Ayang Cempaka

Whether you like to doodle or write stories or like to document important events in your daily life. This pretty journal is the rightful home for all of your scribbles. Comes in a Leafy pattern and Flowery design.


Say bye to “I’m so sorry, I forgot we have a coffee date this afternoon!”

Cottonink Ayang Cempaka

An all-rounder planner that’ll keep your life together.


The tiny ones for all of your big ideas

Cottonink Ayang Cempaka

They’re portable, they’re cute as buttons, they’ll be handy for those dizzying times of sudden brilliance. Sold in a set of two: Flowers and Dots or Blue Flowers and Stripes.


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