Finally, the 2nd #cottonink10thanniversary’s collaboration just dropped earlier this week. And this time COTTONINK Studio teamed up with one of Indonesia’s finest actresses, Dian Sastrowardoyo. Different from the previous playful collaboration with Isyana Sarasvati, COTTONINKxDianSastro collection is filled with ultra-chic pieces that screams monochrome goodness. The collection is dominated by black and white color, out of Dian’s request because she’s all about the timeless style. Hence, there’s a gorgeous array of investment pieces you would love for a long long time.

Discover the edgy, powerful and timeless style below.


Dapper Chic

Dian Sastrowardoyo

The combination of a refined power suit and a statement top. Mariko, Black Carisia, & Grey Checkered Gavin.


Special Touches

Dian Sastrowardoyo

In every #cottonink10thanniversary collaboration, there will be different versions of COTTONINK’s signature products. One of them is this Tubular shawl, the eyelet details is a one-of-a-kind edgy touch but still with a minimal vibe. Also, you can find a variety of statement earrings with Dian’s touch.  Away.


Black & Bold

Dian Sastrowardoyo

Edgy and bold. The black and white brushstroke print is made specifically for the collection. Black Raylene Abstract Print Ennio.


Regal & Powerful

Take your cue on classy elegance from Dian. The long pom-pom detailed vest with puff-sleeved white shirt combination is A+. Kiari & Off-White Bisous.


Timeless Aesthetic

Dian Sastrowardoyo

This shirt and vest set is the ultimate timeless piece, it’ll look go no matter the era. Binaya

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