It’s that time of year, when #cottoninkactive has a new collection that is! It’s been a year since the last one, so we’re super excited to work out in these cute ensembles. From attractive sport bras, reliable leggings and statement-making t-shirts, we can’t wait to go to cardio classes in these.

Here are our picks on the ultimate strong-suit!  

Seeing Red


The color of passion is here to fire you up during your jumping jacks! Red Floyd IDR 249,000 Red Fitch IDR 329,000


Pastel Power


Who can’t blame us when we want to look cute for Zumba. Grey Swift IDR 199,000 Connor IDR 329,000


Eyes on The Prize


Wear this while saying something motivational like “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee“. And really, we don’t sweat, we sparkle y’all. Rousey IDR 279,000 Benz IDR 329,000


Ballerina State of Mind


Though 5 minute of barre class will likely wipe you out, you still can look like a ballerina. Navy Riner IDR 249,000

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