In case you don’t know, COTTONINK HQ is full of beauty geeks and enthusiasts that take their beauty stuffs seriously. Recommendations of skincare and makeup products are thrown into each other on the daily. It is not rare for them to gather their makeup and try stuff out together. So yes, #cottoninkteam is open to trying novelty products but each one of them has staples that are the ‘ride-or-die’. If you don’t speak beauty lingo, ‘ride-or-die’ basically means you love the product so much, you can’t imagine using anything else. It’s the ‘tried-and-true’, the products you you stock for back-ups, in fear of them running out.

So, we think it might be fun to ask COTTONINK’s Fashion Design team about their favorite beauty products! Our discovery is that they love Korean and Japanese products, and we might just try them out too.

Here are COTTONINK’s Fashion Designers’ beauty favorites! 


Chyntia Dewi Salim, Fashion Design Supervisor (@chyntialiem)


Rollover Reaction SUEDED, in Lizzy.

Kiss Me Heroine, Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner.


Sharon Chandra, Fashion Designer (@sharonchandr)


Laneige, Water Bank Essence_ EX


Rollover Reaction SUEDED, in Umma


Cindy Atmadja, Fashion Designer (@cindyatmadja_)


Innisfree, Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream.


Ultima II, Ultimate Moisture Lipstick


Eunike Alexandra, Fashion Designer (@eunikey_)


The Face Shop, Designing Eyebrow Pencil


Rollover Reaction SUEDED, in Umma.

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