What kind of style will stand the test of time? Minimal. Trendy pieces might distract us for a bit, but we always will go back to well-made simple pieces to wear. So genuinely, we’re very excited when we heard #cottoninkstudio is making a comeback, as it’s been a while since they released their last collection. Simple silhouettes, muted colors, clean lines, impeccable cut can be seen in literally every items from the line. We love how we can have these basic minimal pieces, wear them at any time period, and we’ll never look out of place. And no, minimal does not equal boring, to us they represent blank canvases where each wearer will wear them differently. So you do you, boo!

Here are some of the #cottoninkstudio pieces we’ll proudly bring home. 


Timeless Black.


Black Audren IDR 399,000


Peach Neutral


Peach Arwen IDR 219,000




Off -White Dastan IDR 399,000


Crimson Vibe


Maroon Leto IDR 399,000




Beige Bucky IDR 499,000


Get New Minimal here.

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