We followed travel enthusiast / PR-girl, Anna Aprita (@annaaprita) on her trip to the vibrant Jaipur. The capital of Rajasthan is often known as one of the most popular spot in India, and of course for good reasons. The city is composed of majestic historical places that as Anna explained it, “It’s too beautiful to describe, it’s exotic, colorful, and full of culture.” Below, she wrote her travel experience on the place that’s often called The Pink City, a nod to the vividly bright colors you’d find in this lively location.     

Text and Photographs by Anna Aprita

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi I’m Anna, I’m a PR for an airline company and currently juggling between travel, corporate life, and also running a costume shop business.

How did you end up in Jaipur?

The company I worked in was hosting an open trip program to the Golden Triangle of India, Jaipur, Agra, New Delhi that is. Golden triangle is actually one of the most popular tourist route in India, it connects three culturally-significant capitals, and if you linked those three cities on the map you’ll find that they roughly form the shape of a triangle, hence the name.   

What was the weather like?

It was pretty hot and sunny! Around 35°C by noon and 29°C by night.

What were your favorite places to visit while being there?

Hawa Mahal definitely stole my heart. It’s a Wes Anderson-esque landmark with red and pink sandstone, and it was built to enable ladies of the royal household to watch the life and processions of the city. (Pro-tip: go to Wind View Cafe rooftop just across the street to get the best view of Hawa Mahal.) Also, Chand Baori – one of the world’s largest stepwells and was built in the 9th century. It’s the place where they shot one of my favorite movies, The Fall (2006).

Roughly how much would it cost to travel there?

For 4D3N trip, it will cost around IDR 9,000,000 all in, but definitely depends on your itinerary.

The thing you love most about Jaipur?

I used to be worried about traveling to India, because the country has a reputation on not being the safest place for woman, inadequate hygiene, full of scams and not to mention that people love to honk the horns of their vehicles endlessly there. But really, you will never ever regret visiting this exquisite place, instead you’d be grateful to see so many colors you haven’t seen in any place else.

Anything interesting you’d learned about Jaipur?

People might be familiar with one of the teachings of Hinduism which is to do no harm to animals (Ahimsa), hence they don’t eat beef and respect cows for their gentle nature. So expect a lot of vegan food within the city. 

What type of person you think should go to Jaipur for their next holiday?

Adventurous and fearless! It’s like you’re stepping out of your comfort zone for such a whimsically beautiful place. It has some magical energy that is so vibrant, and I can guarantee that one visit will change your life forever.

Any tips for fellow travelers? 

Bargain while you can, haha! Oh and being alert and cautious of scams, will come in handy.

Last question, what items did you bring back home with you?

Some magnets of Hawa Mahal and Taj Mahal as souvenirs, and oh.. beautiful Sarees! 

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