Among many notorious beauty vloggers in the remnant of YouTube, Tasya Farasya could be considered a distinctive one from Indonesia. She is super funny, in a way that she doesn’t even have to put too much effort to throw some jokes, yet she always has the ability to make us laugh out loud watching her videos. Without exaggerating, if there’s any problem in her beauty channel, it’s the fact that you won’t be able to stop watching her videos after you did one. 

Text by Lulu NisrinaPhotograph by Ila SchafferMakeup by Linda Kusumadewi

We caught up with Tasya on a Tuesday noon at a studio in Tebet area to know more about her life behind the scenes. She arrived in the studio wearing a lime-colored hoodie, jogger pants and a pair of loafers. With her hair tied into ponytail, we could see her clear complexion without the help of any makeup. The girl seemed pretty quiet before at first, but once we got into conversation, she was definitely the same person we usually see on-screen.

When we told her that her dry humor she wrote for captions made us laugh most of the times, she laughed responded with, “Are they really funny?” The 26-years-old girl then continued, “To be honest, the first time I made my video, I thought people would find it serious as my plan was to give informative video about makeup. But it turned out to be funny, according to them. [The jokes] Just came out naturally, I guess.”

Her beauty channel may only have existed for a year, but that doesn’t stop it from having thousands of following already. As of now, Tasya already has more than 356.000 YouTube subscribers and more than 583.000 Instagram followers. But beyond her hundred-thousands of cult online followers is her happy-go-lucky personality. Watching her videos, you’ll see that Tasya is a relatable and honest person who doesn’t hide her real personality in front of the camera. “I guess my personality, both on- and off-screen, is relatively the same. I mean, when I wasn’t filming my beauty routine, of course I didn’t talk nor say something funny to myself. But the things I said on my videos are genuine. They were just like my daily random thoughts spoken.” 

Being a talented makeup enthusiast, there was always this first time where she first introduced to the things she now has interest in: makeup. “I don’t exactly remember when, but I guess the first time I was interested in makeup was in my adolescence. There was probably a phase where I was a total tomboy that lasted until grade 8. After that, I basically can’t live without makeup,” said Tasya before she laughed to her answer. When asked about the funniest and most random moment she had with makeup, she told us that she one was super obsessed with Nicole Scherzinger and wanted so badly to have her skin as tanned as Nicole’s. Her tricks back then? Using Bahama Mama bronzer all over her skin and made time to sunbath on the rooftop by the time she came home after school. “It failed and I looked terrible!” She laughed again.

As a person who’s been in the beauty industry for a few years now and obviously been actively using social media to create a community, Tasya thought that “the presence of social media doesn’t necessarily change people’s interest towards beauty”. But the good thing she sees from it that shapes the world of beauty is the fact that social media “provides the opportunity for people to discover new things.” We couldn’t agree more to her statement, as the time where we usually find up-to-date news about everything is when we’re surfing through the Instagram and Twitter. But let’s face it, being a famous person in social media sometimes equals being surrounded by online trolls. No matter what someone is doing, there’s always people who see stuff from the darker side and that’s frustrating. Tasya Farasya is no exception and she, too, has struggled with social media trolls. “Recently, I posted a product review picture on my Instagram and people didn’t seem happy about it. They thought I edited the result whatsoever. I felt like I had to explain things on my Instagram stories. I literally ranted on and you know what? I’d do that to my friends too if they ever did the same thing! And since they are my online friends, I showed them my rant online. But most of the times, I simply ignore them,” explained Tasya.

Looking at where she is now, you might be wondering about the secret of her success. It lies not only in her talent and persona but also her support system. Tasya was brought up in a family of four women and that definitely shaped her into the person she is now. “My mom raised me by herself. She’s a mother, father, sister and best friend rolled up into one.” She then continued, “The one thing I learned from her is to never depend myself to others. Well, of course we all need others to survive, but deep down we need to trust ourselves enough not to be too dependent.”

On top of having talent and support system, there’s another thing Tasya wanted to share about achieving success. “Consistency is key,” she reiterated. “I’m not only talking about being influencer or YouTuber. I’m talking about the key to success in general. Those who are consistent are usually the most successful. Also, be patient and don’t complain too much!”

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