Season comes and goes, and now Fall is here. Either out of the changing weather or the sole intention to get into the Pumpkin Spice vibe (srsly, Starbucks Indonesia, when are you going to make PSL available here?), what we wear often evolve accordingly. The fascination for fall as a season is definitely real, as it serves the chance for us to take a refreshing route to our outfit of the day. So to greet the season we made a checklist as our sartorial guide, ranging from dresses to shoes.

Check out our Fall checklist below.  

Statement Tops


For Fall we often see deep and moody neutral colors, this top here is a prime example. Green & Off-White Sanda


Chunky Shoe-wear


Oxford-bootie-heel hybrid, screams the season out loud. Previn


Checkered Print


The print is very on-brand. Black Checkered Laurent


A Very Chic Cloth a.k.a. Scarf


Chic cloth will protect us from those windy days! Yellow Horseshoe Shawl


Wrap Dress


Well, tbh, wrap dresses are for every season. But the print on this dress is very appropriate! Maroon Printed Rogue


Bold Jumpsuit


The jumpsuit that will be a good base to layer your outerwear on. Black Ravel 


Tick the fashion stuff on your list with these..

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