Major Style Inspiration: 60’s French Throwback

French Style

“Choose one, Anna Karina or Brigitte Bardot?” might be one of the question we often throw to people in order to determine which style compass they aim towards. Both are French of course (in Karina’s case, Danish-French to be exact), they’re heavily involved in the French New Wave cinema movement (enchanting Godard’s films anyone?), and both are the epitome of the French girl aesthetic people go bananas for. Their legacy on effortless looks stood the test of time with present celebrities taking their style cues from the 60s icons, think Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel with their famous Anna Karina-inspired bangs or the Bardot’s signature bouffant and sultry cat eye we often see on Sienna Miller and Kate Moss on the red carpet.

Both represent different styles, where doe-eyed Anna Karina goes for the preppy-chic vibe, think quirky colors and prints that play a heavy influence, or Brigitte Bardot who shines with her free-spirited feel and pieces that flaunt her killer figure sophisticatedly. So with both serving as our style inspirations, here are some pieces we put on whether we’re feeling more like Anna or Brigitte at any day of the week.

Go crazy with the 60’s French style here:


Anna Karina

60’s Anna Inspo: Plaid All-Over

There’s one thing we’re sure of, Anna loves to wear this timeless pattern!

The Anna in 2017: Plaid Shirtdress

French Style

Navy Plaid Paris IDR 349,000


60’s Anna Inspo: Statement Sweater 

Is there anyone who can pull off a pretty sweater and denim like Anna? Uh, we don’t think so.

The Anna in 2017: Tangerine Sweater + Mom Jeans

French Style

Vermillion IDR 199,000

French Style

Brooks IDR 389,000


Brigitte Bardot

60’s Brigitte Inspo: Flirty Stripes

The French is synonymous with the classic stripes, but Brigitte managed to put a flirty twist on it.

The Brigitte in 2017: Striped Dress with Fun Sleeves!

French Style

Blue Striped Amity IDR 309,000


60’s Brigitte Inspo: Free-Spirited Off-Shoulder Tops

Brigitte’s style screams “It’s always summer!”

The Brigitte in 2017: Modern Tie-Up Cold-Shoulder

French Style

Off-White Blaire IDR 249,000


Whether you’re The Anna or The Brigitte, get your style here.

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