Do you feel embarrassed with your acne scars? Yes, acne scars can make you (want to) scream hysterically everytime you stand up in front of a glass. Right? Maybe Halloween makeup can be removed and doesn’t last long but acne scars are hard to remove. “Acne can leave skin marked and scarred when your pimples are inflamed,” said Dr. Listya Paramita, sp.KK., from Elshéskin Clinic, Yogyakarta, told Woop. So, not all pimples are the same.“Acne scar is formed due to an incomplete healing process and the formation of fibrosis tissue under the skin. As a result, your skin structure has damage. So the texture of your skin will be different from the normal skin. Acne scars can also occur in inflamed zits that are often squeezed or released.”

Text by Photographs by Ila Schaffer.


You have to know, the scars or marks vary because of specific reactions that happen underneath the skin. There are mainly 4 types of acne scars.

Ice Pick Scars

This kind of scar is called ‘ice pick’ because they look like holes that have been made by an ice pick or any other sharp. This is the most difficult to treat because it reaches the inner skin.

Boxcar Scars

Box scars look more angular with very sharp vertical edges that look, like a box, wide, U-shaped, and rough edges. The scar can be in or just on the surface. When the scar not too deep, more fast to healing. 

Rolling Scars

Rolling scars basically look like waves. They’re also referred to as rolling hill acne scars sometimes because they can look like tiny hills sitting on top of your skin.

Hypertrophic / Keloid Scar

Hypertrophy means widening. It’s rare for a scar like this to grow larger on the face.


Now, we come to the question you’ve been waiting for: how to get rid of it?

“Acne scars can be treated with medical measures, such as sub-filling, microneedling, PRP, CROSS TCA, filler injection, ablative laser, or fractional laser. The choice of action is adjusted to the type of acne scars. So you have to consulted with a skin and genital specialist first,” she advised.

Treating is one thing, but it would be nice if it could be prevented. “Very preventable. Don’t squeezing or removing contents of acne. If you accidentally squashed, it should immediately be possible to treat acne as soon as possible.“


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Acne Scars

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