OMG! Good news to all of us beauty lovers a.k.a the people who can’t get enough and binge those makeup tutorials, that is! This weekend (27-29 April 2018) there’ll be the Female Daily’s Jakarta X Beauty event. Okay, so you’re probably asking, what exactly is JakartaXBeauty and why should I be there? Well, first things first, it’s the ultimate beauty party! It’s the place where you’ll meet your favorite influencers, beauty expert and some fun beauty workshop/classes to go to. So basically, like the Youtube tutorial you can go to in real life! Second of all, this year the event’s theme is #YourBeautyRules will celebrate the different kinds of beauty we all have, because really, the time has come for us to embrace the diversity of our individual looks. Count us in!

Jakarta X Beauty

So who will be there? LOTS! Lizzie Parra, Abel Cantika, Clara Devi, Tyna Kanna, just to name a few of the influencers. And yes, there’s also the K-Beauty Guru Liah Yoo, who is the first international beauty influencer to participate in JakartaXBeauty! Bubah Alfian, Arsya Nafisa, Li Jing and Darwyn Tse are also going to teach us a thing or two about the makeup game. Plus, expect some beauty insights from the experts and dermatologists! Oh, did we mention that there are going to be a beauty bazaar where you’ll get special deals from your favorite brand? So, go clear you schedule and don’t forget to bring your squad with you!

For tickets and more info go here and go follow Female Daily Network’s IG, folks! See you this weekend!

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