Jessica Mila has been a star for years. She started her journey in the entertainment industry as Mila in Cinta SMU and now she has also starred on silver screen, playing comedy-drama to horror movies. We sat down with the Leo woman to talk about playing in Mata Batin to New Year’s resolutions.

Text by Lulu Nisrina. Photographs by Ila Schaffer.


What are you working on at the moment?

I recently just finished the filming of Mata Batin 2 [the sequel of Mata Batin], and because the holiday season is coming, I’m not taking any more TV shows or movies at the moment. I always make time during the end of the year to be spent with my family, so, I would say that I’m now busy with a musical drama, some photo shoot and advertisements projects.


How did you get into acting?

I’d never planned to be an actress. It all started when I was a 5th grader. One day, my mom and I were in a mall and someone came and asked me to cast. I didn’t even know what a casting was but my mom and I ended up going and I got the part. I’ve been acting ever since. Whether TV shows or movies, honestly I’d never really looked for a role to play, but there’s always an offer. So, I feel like me being here in the entertainment industry is nothing but God’s plan.


On playing in Mata Batin, were you always interested in horror movies?

I’m a fan of horror and thriller movies but I’d never really thought of playing in those kind of movies. But then I got offered to play in Mata Batin, which I thought had an interesting story, great production company, plus the works of the director, Rocky Soraya, had been amazing. So, I was really interested. Besides, I think that the production of local horror movies have been better through the years. I just had to try.


Is it true that in filming every horror movie there has to be some mysterious incidents happened on set?  

From my experience shooting for Mata Batin and Mata Batin 2, there were always those kind of incidents [chuckles].

Jessica Mila

What does a day in the life of Jessica Mila look like?

If I have a day off, I would spend the day exercising and going for chiropractic care—since I have scoliosis—and watching movies… Also, since I rarely have free time, I’d make time to hang out with friends or family. I usually make the most of the day and there must be something that I want to do! I don’t really spend my day offs at home.


What’s your most memorable thing of 2018?

Going to Coachella would be it. I’d been wanting to go for a long time and this is the year where I finally went there with my friends, watching Beyonce and Eminem. [Laughs]


What’s something new you learned this year?

Frankly speaking, it’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but I recently just learned to drive [laughs]. Actually when I was on set for Mata Batin, I was required to drive, but I only actually take it seriously this year. And cooking, maybe?


What’s your favorite trend of the year?

My favorite would be… I love flared pants. They still belong to the 2018 trend, don’t they? [Laughs]

Jessica Mila

Do you have New Year’s resolutions?

I really wanted to pursue a higher education or take a short course abroad. But as for now, I think the latter one is more suitable for my condition since it won’t take much time as a master’s degree will. And of course if I went abroad I had to leave my jobs here, so I’d say that a six-month course would be the most convenient. I want to learn something new so hopefully I could improve my skill.


What advice would you give to our readers who wish to follow your footsteps?

If any of you are interested in acting, you need to know that acting has to come from your heart and you have to be honest. Let’s say you’re reading a script, you have to feel the emotion as if it was real. That way, your facial gestures will follow. Well, this one is a bit theoretical, but in acting, there must be something that caused a character to undergo a scene, and that’s very interesting to be explored. Also, the only key to success is never giving up.
Jessica Mila

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