Go bold or go bland right? Yep, sometimes we just need a jolt of shazaaam into our outfit. We all have those pieces that make us wonder whether we can pull them off or not. As these pieces are usually so loud comparing to your other staples, sometimes you just put them back to the place you found them. But maybe this is the time for instead of shying away from the “OMG THIS IS SO BOLD I KIND OF LIKE IT BUT NOT SURE” pieces back in the rack, you can choose to be adventurous and rock them like you mean it.

Here are some trends to try for the times when you’re feeling bold..

 One-Color Head to Toe


In the mood for matchy-matchy outfits? Kick it up a notch with tangerine colored prints. Top: Striped Everly Bottoms: Danish


Go Neon


It’s fun to go all out 80s sometimes! Top: Pink Riot


Textured Skirt


Particularly love this because of the Cruella de Vil vibe, plus this skirt is style-blogger approved in our mind. Skirt: Black Avaya




We invent a new term: cool-school-girl, because this jumpsuit might make going to the restroom a bit impractical but totally worth the hassle. Black Verly


Go here to go bold.


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