In case you don’t notice, just like everyone else on planet earth, we love TV Series! One of the objects of our binge watching tendencies is *drum roll* Riverdale. Things we love about the aforementioned series? LOTS! The drama, mysteries, the intriguing characters and of course the fashion! Yes, there are lots of fashion inspiration with the series, most notably from Riverdale’s overachiever, Betty Cooper. Betty graced our screens with her feminine pastel perfection, so naturally this serves as our fashion inspo! From soft-colored pieces to chic outerwears, her style is definitely perfect for the daily.

Watch the video below to achieve your inner Betty Cooper.  


Check out these Betty Cooper-approved pieces! 

Betty Cooper Riverdale

Havel IDR 269,000


Berry Cooper Riverdale

Red Striped Arsy IDR 229,000


Betty Cooper Riverdale

Beige Paola IDR 379,000


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