Kartini’s Day is approaching and this is the right time to be extra with all of the girl-power vibes. As we all know, the day is named after the national heroine, R.A. Kartini, one of the most celebrated figure that pioneered the rights of education and other rights for Indonesian girls. While we live under the principle #girlsrule pretty much all of the time, it’s nice to use the occasion as a reminder of how far we’ve come because of the ones before us. So, since Kartini’s Day is happening on Saturday, what better way to spend it than surrounding yourself with so much female power that will make all of us proud? We rounded up all the flicks you can watch with your BFFs, Mom, Sister, etc that celebrate sisterhood and most of all, how we, girls, are amazing creatures.

Put this on your movie playlist..


Eliana, Eliana (2002)


A true gem of the Indonesian cinema. Eliana, Eliana tells the story of the eponymous protagonist who ran away from an arranged marriage in her hometown to the busy streets of Jakarta. Unbeknownst to her, her mother came years after the incident with a ticket for Eliana to return home. This one is worth watching alone for it’s complex portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship.


Mona Lisa Smile (2003)


An empowering movie about the progressive art teacher, Katherine Watson, and her challenges to educate the bright all-female students of Wellesley College. Set in the 1950s when the common expectation for women is to marry and lead a domestic life, this kickass teacher is there to teach them a life-changing lesson.


Marlina Si Pembunuh dalam Empat Babak (2017)


The Indonesian hit movie that makes us Indonesian proud of its existence. This stunning of a movie is tell the story of Marlina and her journey of vengeance to all of the men that did her wrong. An extremely violent movie, super-entertaining and a heartfelt triumph.


Brave (2012)


The movie that you can watch with your nieces and moms! Brave probably should be the entry-movie for girls to learn all about taking control of your destiny. This movie is super fun and might bring a tear to your eye. Girls rule!


Kartini (2017) 


A biopic of the woman that made this day possible. Of course a must-watch!

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