Time flies. In true Jonathan van Ness’ manner, we keep saying “2019 is just a month away! Can you believe?!” Well, while we’re contemplating about that fact, one thing we’re excited to do is thinking of ways to replenish our wardrobe for the season. Every year ending and the start of the next one always comes with a sense of ‘starting over’, and we plan to do just that through what we wear!

Here’s what we’re adding to our wardrobe to prep for the New Year.


Unexpected Colors

New Year

Who says eggplant isn’t chic? Purple Marant 


Full Plaid

New Year

We’re vibin’ with our inner Cher Horowitz through this plaid number. Navy Tartan Anski & Navy Tartan Avalla.


Rocking Velvet

New Year

Because, we love being festive from time to time. Navy Manzie

Bold Florals

New Year

Blooming for the season with a bold statement. Floral Jordan & Floral Elmer.


Flowy Dresses

New Year

Because like every year, there will be times when you don’t want to fuss over the things you wear. Blue Oceana  


Find ways to replenish your wardrobe here.

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