For this month’s Wanderlust, we again tagged along Anna Aprita (@annaaprita), who we think has the dream job of traveling around as a PR for an airline company. This time she takes us to the land of West of Australia, the place where nature and urban life meets. From lively cafes, secondhand bookstores and record stores in which hipsters will call a haven, to breathtaking nature that will make you catch a glimpse of the Milky Way. Go read her journey to the beachy metropolis.    

Text and Photos by Anna Aprita

Why did you chose Perth as your destination?

Well, since I’m working for an airline company, the job said so! But yeah basically, I was on a duty trip to explore Western Australia to create some promotional content of the area. 

How would you describe Perth?

Chill. Definitely my kind of place I could say.

Where did you go?

We were there for a road trip, so we explored Perth City, Fremantle, Busselton, and Margaret River area.

What was the weather like?

Around 23°C by noon and 11°C by night.

What’s the thing you discovered about Perth that you’re most excited about?

Fremantle! It’s a port city in Western Australia that is a part of Perth metropolitan area. It has such great vibes, surrounded by cafes with good coffees, secondhand bookstores, record stores, and many amazing arts!

Any memorable moments while being there?

We got the chance to see Milky Way! It was such a magical evening for us. Picnic by the beach, fine wine, sound of the waves, Sigur Ros’ songs, and most importantly: amazing travel companions.

Where should all the foodies go?

Young people, you better explore Fremantle, it’s definitely their place. If you want some winery experience, you can go to Margaret River area — around 3.5 hours driving from Perth CBD.

What are the activities that a person should do while in staying in Perth?

Sunset Kayaking in Esplanade, South Perth.

The thing you love most about your destination?

Great weather for skin! My skin definitely feels better when in Australia. Also, Perth has such good quality of life for those who live there. They started their activities early in the morning and by 5pm, most of the stores and offices are closed. Since they have lots of public parks, people go there for picnics on their spare time rather than just going to malls like us Indonesians.

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