Welcome to the month of love <3

You’ll notice some Valentine-related decorations everywhere you go, paper hearts and all but we do understand that not everyone is a fan of the occasion. If there’s one thing that people can agree on, one of the upside of Valentine’s Day is the abundance of the color Pink everywhere! Though Millennial Pink might be the color of 2016, but people are still crazy about it y’all. What is it about the color? It is a perfect blend of muted and bold, timeless but very current, or just because the color managed to define a generation. So yes, for this month, we choose to revel in what probably is the most-talked-about color in history, simply because we can’t get enough of them. And this counts as an act of self-love too you know.

Here are some of our favorites for Valentine’s Day.




Pink Ginny IDR 249,000


A Romantic A-Flair


Pink Yanna IDR 269,000


Ruffled to The Edge


Stana  IDR 299,000


Quirky Vibes


Pink Haydee IDR 179,000




Leora IDR 369,000


Go check things out here.

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