Sun’s out so that means it’s summer! And on this bright occasion we would just like to take this opportunity to make an important announcement: Yellow is definitely our new color crush for the season. In case you’re wondering what the heck does color crush means, it means that we’re going to be rocking cheerful yellow and let them take the stage for the sunny season. Whichever way you rock them, either full-out or starting small with a piece or two, one thing’s for sure, this color is not for the faint of heart!

Here are some of our favorite yellows:


Sundress of the season


The dress for your next summer vacation for sure. Mustard Elvina 


Easy top


The easiest way to make a statement! Mustard Gentine


Skirt-ing around!


Pair it with a tropical top for a playful look! Mustard Ilian


Bold Batik Prints


An interesting take in rocking your favorite Batik! Yellow Batik Pinkan 


Get your sunny yellow here.

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