Approaching that time of year when the flower blooms and there seems to be more pep to our step. Though still in the transition phase, now is the right time to stock up on those brightly-colored pieces to properly welcome the new season. Spring is synonymous with having a cheerful spin to your outfit, think saturated hues, throw-it-on-and-go pieces, with outerwear to accommodate the occasional shower minus the gloomy vibe from the previous season. So we round up our favorite ‘springy’ pieces that you can wear to bid farewell to the rain and say hello to those sunny days <3


First things, first..


Go floral, just because, duh.. (Navy Printed Fiara & Navy Printed Hanka)


When you still love the layering game from the previous season


Still holding on to the layering game? Then wear a sleeveless parka to make it season-appropriate! (Webster & Polkadot Sable)




For those who are too lazy to think of things to wear but still want to fool people that they made an effort. (Navy Socia)




Pink is always the go-to color for spring! (Pink Fiara)


For the occasional drizzle


When the rain hits, you’ll look like a Gerbera dripped in morning dew, pretty much.. (Town)


Spring pieces awaits here.

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