Wait what, it’s 2018 already? Yes! (duh..)

Time flies, but nothing beats a fresh start. The coming of a new year usually comes with the question, ‘What are your New Year resolutions?’ While some are not too enthused on making promises they’re not sure they’ll be able to keep, making a list of new things to do sartorially might bring some jazzz to your whole fashion game. So we round up some style resolutions we all can try every now and then in throughout 2018!

Go Bold

Style Resolution

Navy Printed Arsy IDR 229,000

Prints, colors, textures! It might be the year to embrace straying from your usual neutrals. Switch it up to Florals, Bright Bright Red, or Clash of Prints. If this scares you, take baby steps by incorporating your beloved neutrals into the mix.

Style Resolution

Bradyn IDR 259,000

Style Resolutions

Prinka IDR 299,000


Switch Up Your Shoe Game

Style Resolutions

Anson IDR 559,000

Don’t get us wrong, we love sneakers! But don’t you think it’ll be nice to see some rad boots and cute flats to complete our look. Do you remember the times when we loved our flats and cant get enough of em? Time to wear them again!

Style Resolutions

Rikell IDR 379,000


Wear Color of The Year

Style Resolutions

Purple Moshe IDR 249,000 , Purple Crosby IDR 349,000

In case you don’t know, Ultra Violet is the color of the year! So yeah, join the fun by wearing shades of purple.


Level Up Your Accessories


Black Jay IDR 199,000

Do we really need to tell you how accessories can transform your whole look? Well it does! Go oversized with your sunglasses and go graphic with your earrings!


White-crylic Drop IDR 150,000


Amp up your 2018 style here

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