Every year on the 22nd of April, millions of people around the world celebrate the International Earth Day and promote eco-friendly campaigns to save the Earth. You must have been aware of just how much plastic waste your beauty routine creates. Since the advent of plastics, humans have made 8,3 billion metric tons of the stuff. 6,3 billion metric tons have already been thrown out and 91% of that waste has not been recycled. And you just one person contributing to a garbage mountain that threatens to suffocate the planet, right?

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To save the earth, try to start using eco-friendly products. What are some steps you can take to make your beauty routine more sustainable? 

Start to use less water when you clean the makeup

When you’re going to clean your face, we recommend you to get a sponge or wash your wiping cloth instead of letting the water run while you wash your face. Try to use less water when you clean your makeup. Not only do you save water but you actually get better results as you exfoliate dead skin cells away. Worth a try!

Use towel to clean your makeup

Yes, use towel instead of cotton balls. This is a fantastic alternative ways to remove makeup more thoroughly and can just be thrown in with the next wash. You can also make one by cutting up an old towel into your preferred shape. 

Choose brands that are eco-friendly

Buy products from brands that follow environmentally friendly practices, from packaging to sustainable ingredients. Make sure they’ve covered the bases so all you have to do is decide on what products to try. And you have to make sure the products from the brand is cruelty free and against animal testing.

Find the products that use glass packaging

Buy products that are packaged in glass. Glass packagings are easy to recycle and you can reuse them for purposes. For example, you can use the glass jars to store shampoo or another liquid products. Avoid buying beauty products packaged in plastic.

Make homemade beauty treatment 

This is the best way to make your beauty routine more sustainable. Using homemade products will also minimize your environmental waste. You can create your own face masks, toners, massage oil, and shampoo. With homemade products, you can use natural ingredients that are healthier and eco-friendly.


Dare to start doing any of these this month?


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