As told by our history books, our country and The Netherlands have a significant relationship with each other for centuries. The land is known for their beautiful tulips, charming canals, windmills and delightful cheeses but for law student, Amelya Jaasmiin, it’s the place where you can find a little piece of home when being far away from home. Read all about her travels in the article below.

Text and Photographs by Amelya Jaasmiin S.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
Hello! My name is Amelya Jaasmiin Sulardi, (yes, with double A and I), Amel for short. I’m a senior year student at Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. My passion besides law is watching Matt Damon’s movies (ikr!), shopping, and of course, traveling.

Why Amsterdam?
During Summer of 2017 and 2018, my family always decided to go to Europe. After our trip from Italy and Switzerland, we decided to have some ‘chill’ moments in Netherlands before we go back to Jakarta. Why? Tbh, Netherlands is one of the country that we feel most comfortable in. They have a lot of Halal food, the people are very friendly, a lot of cool spots & shopping centre + my dad used to lived here even only for 6 months. So we have some friends & relatives here.

What are the must visit spots in Amsterdam?
If you’re a first timer, definitely go to Anne Frank House, Kinderdijk Windmills, Dam square area for a lot of shopping and some museums like Van Gogh Museum & Rijksmuseum. I always go there during the summer, I can’t stand the heat to ride the boat in the canals. But taking pictures between the canals and traditional dutch house is a must!

Where should all the shopaholics go?
Summer especially by the end of June is the best time because that’s when all the sale started! I have visited about 6 cities in Europe but by far the craziest and greatest sale is definitely in Amsterdam! Go around the Dam Square area to find a lot of beauty and fashion store and De Bijenkorf department store, and if you’re a high-end brand lover, don’t forget to go to the outlet like Roermond and Batavia Stad.

Where to eat?
Definitely all the desserts! Like poffertjes, stroopwafel and there’s this café around the dam square area called Lucy’s Cheesecake and Coffee who has the best yellow velvet cake I’ve ever tasted!

What’s the highlight of your trip?
Definitely when I visited Utrecht, 1.5 hours away from Amsterdam. I specifically asked my dad to go there because as a law student I read Utrecht’s book in criminal class and always wondered about what the city looks like, especially the university. It was the most calming city I’ve ever visited. Beautiful, small, no traffic at all, quiet, and so many good coffee shops, just like when you entered a fake city on a movie set, but in a very good way.

How to buy cheap souvenirs for friends and family?
There are a lot of souvenir store in every tourist area if you want to buy those iconic tulips magnets or postcards. But, I always brought chocolate, traditional dutch snacks and desserts for friends and family back home from a local supermarket called Dirk because it is much cheaper.

What type of person do you think will enjoy Netherlands the most?
Dessert lover! And anyone who lives for the big city vibes but also loves serene places at the same time.

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