We’re always in the “I Need Vacay Right Now” mode, especially at times where we’re stuck in a rut and need a change of scenery. There are many methods to kill the ennui of our daily activities, let’s say exercise & meditate or Netflix & chill, or it could also be what we fancy doing right now; imagining packing for the vacation we’ve always dreamed of. Okay, so you might not have the resources or the luxury of time and wealth to just buy a ticket and jet, set and go, but there’s nothing wrong with mentally planning what you’re going to wear in those awesome future vacations, right? Of course not!

See it as a way to vision your dream into coming true. And plus, it’s a fun thing to do, as many destinations provide their own vibe that can affect the way we wear our clothes while being there. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities of how our style could evolve from one city to another. So until then, use this as a mental guidance for the soon-to-be insta-worthy pics of you living life in a foreign land, folks!


Here are the inspo…



Keyword: Edgy, Eclectic, Polished

What you should pack: Polished punk-inspired outfits


Black Jossa and Sharp.




Keyword: Blue, Island,  Crystal-clear waters

What you should pack: Something Breezy, Something Blue


Striped Markle & Blue Striped Verena.




Keyword: Playful, Creative, Bold

What you should pack: Graphic stripes dress for the summer and fun accessories!


Alaia & Black Patterned Brandi



Keyword: Organic, Colorful, Festive

What you should pack: Contrast white!


Sanda & Resha.


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