This might be a little late, but last week COTTONINK just launched their 2nd collaboration with everyone’s favorite French Bulldog, Babbot! And let us tell you, the collection is cuter than everything we’ve seen in a long time. The collection is selling out, mind you, for example this Rancher hoodie is already out of stock! We can see why everything Babbot touches turns to gold, we mean who can resist such cute ball of fluff! Fortunately, not all #COTTONINKxBabbot pieces collection have sold out, yet. So you know, maybe get it quick before they’re gone!

Here are some goodies from the #cottoninkxbabbot collection


Cozy Cardigan


A classic cardigan with a twist, Babbot that is. Grey Thomas




Babbot with a subtle hint of red. Babbot Petty


Seeing Stripes


This might not turn you into being French, but wearing Stripes with a French Bulldog on it sometimes helps. Reddish


Put-It-On-and-Go Dress


Babbot got you covered on the style department, with the minimum effort on your part. All you have to do is get up and put on a dress. Tate


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