Calling Morocco exotic is an understatement. The place is the home of vibrant culture, fragrant spices, and gorgeous colors. We followed Visual Merchandiser, Carina Ardelia on her trip to the unexpected land.

Text and  Photos by Carina Ardelia.


Hi Carina, tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a Visual and Department Manager at one of the retail company in Indonesia. I studied fashion business in Paris and got the opportunity to travel the world. I feel like the best version of myself and most alive when I travel.


Why did you choose Morocco as your destination?

I’m really curious about their culture and nature. It is extremely different from a typical European country.  Besides, I don’t have to make visa to go there hahaha 😉


How did you get there?

I took a flight from Paris to Marrakesh and it was only for 3.5 hours.


What was the weather like when you were there?

The weather is super unpredictable! I was hoping to get away from Paris’s snowy weather, but then the temperature at Marrakesh was around 3°-7°, but felt like 0° for me because I brought the wrong type of clothes (my bad :P). At times when the sun was out, it became too strong and too hot. Basically, it felt like winter and summer at the same time, kind of confusing.


Tell us about the places you visited!

Jemaa el-Fnaa: The famous traditional market. A haven where you can find local handicrafts, foods, herbs, spices, clothes and everything! Go here at night to experience the bustling crowd, an array of food vendors, street artists and Arabic music.

Majorelle Garden: The botanical garden full of exotic plants, and lots of cacti. In the middle of it, you’d see a super bright blue building, Berber Museum. The museum is dedicated to the Berber, an indigenous tribe in North Africa.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum: Located besides the Majorelle Garden. This museum looks gorgeous in every angle, merging traditional Moroccan and modern architecture. The premise has quite the collection of the late Yves Saint Laurent’s archives. A must-visit for fashion enthusiasts!  

Ait Benhaddou: Super popular because it’s the city where Game of Thrones was filmed. Inside, there are some locals living there, mostly craftsmen. They made Moroccan tapestries, traditional clothes, ceramic plates, brass lamps and they sell it all there.

Zagora Desert Camp: This is where you can experience things like a local. Riding camels as you enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise. Sit around the bonfire as you eat local foods, and mingle with random people from everywhere. An incredible experience.


What was your favorite culinary treat?

My favorite is Lamb Tagine! Tagine is a clay cooking pot with a conical lid. They serve it with slices of Moroccan traditional bread, Khobz. You can visit Jemaa el-Fnaa market during the night.


Any tips for fellow travelers?

-Do your research regarding the weather!

-Buy the local sim card, you’re gonna need it for Google Maps.

-Be careful of taking pictures of someone’s merchandise or store. You might be the victim of a tourist trap, and have to pay because of it instead.

-When at the local market, always negotiate for the things you want, ask for 50% from the prices they offered.

-Just a personal opinion, bring a male companion if you’ll feel safer doing so.  



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