Sabang, is the most western tip of Indonesia and there, lies Weh Island, a beautiful nature that paradise-seekers everywhere crave to explore. Dela Intan Permatasari is here to share her voyage to the beautiful western Indonesia.  

Text and Photographs by Dela Intan Permatasari


Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Dela! I’m a first year clinical clerkship. Whenever I have a little break from my busy life, I’ll take time to recharge. Being out it nature is my kind of therapy.


Why did you choose Weh Island as your destination?

Weh Island is a wonderland for divers and snorkelers alike. It is also one of the best diving sites in Indonesia with 20 diving spots. That’s why this paradise is high up on my bucket list. Worth mentioning that diving isn’t the only activity you can do on the island.


How did you get there?

It took approximately 3 hours from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, Banda Aceh. There’s quite an option available to get to the island from Ullee Lheue station: A nice car ferry will take about 1,5 hours to get to Weh while a high speed ferry will only take 45 minutes.


Tell us about the places you visited?

At my hotel in Iboih Island, we were welcomed by this charming wooden bridge floating on the water. The next day I spent half of the day diving at Rubiah Tirta Dive Center. Unfortunately I only dived twice there, not enough! Sarang cave is also worth a visit. Then of course the Kilometer Zero landmark, which got me feeling a bit emotional as I was standing on the most western point of Indonesia.

Weh Island

What kind of activity should you do there?

Well, aside from diving and sightseeing, just go chill. Swing on your hammock, take in the beautiful surroundings and also take lots of pictures!


How was the culinary experiences?

Sabang, surprisingly, has lots of good food,  Kedai Mie Sedap and Mie Goreng Nyaklah are great places to eat, just to name a few. My favorite food are Mie Aceh and Octopus Satay!


Knowing that your destination is in the Aceh region, are there any special rules that tourists need to know?

To be honest, when you’re at your hotel and on the dive boat, you can pretty much wear anything you want. However, when in the town, you should try to cover up a bit. If you’re venturing out on a motorbike to the less touristy parts of the island, avoid showing your shoulders and thighs. In Banda Aceh, things are a bit different, if you’re stopping by the city, it’s best for women to cover their arms and legs.


Roughly how much does the whole trip cost?

Around IDR 4 million. This includes flight, car, boat transportation, accommodation (3 days 2 nights), meals, and diving trips. In Weh island you won’t spent that much money.

Weh Island

Any tips for fellow travelers out there?

– Best time to visit is during May to September. Those months are the dry season, comfortable temperature, rarely rains, cleaner water and better visibility.

-In my opinion, bringing cash is not that mandatory. On Iboih beach there are several BRI and BSI banks, so withdrawing cash is not that difficult.


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