Okay, rainy season might not have shown their teeth yet, but we can feel them alright. Though the weather is currently on the, “i-can’t-decide” phase, we know that the chilly wind is creeping slowly. Just like the the saying, “prepare the umbrella before it rains”, it’s wise to prepare the things that’ll keep you warm before the weather decides to be a bit cooler for the end of year. Which leads us to our topic today, outerwear! This layering fashion piece is definitely one of the most essential part to our whole outfit, not just functionally, but also aesthetically, ’cause they’re the outermost layer that you see first in any look. So, it’s undeniable that anything that looks good while also keeping us warm is the qualification we have when searching for outerwear.

We rounded up the layering essential that will shield you from the cold and make you feel cute at the same time.  


Cool Rebel, Rebel.

When you want to look cool with all of the James Dean-‘Rebel Without a Cause’-esque vibe it’s giving. Maroon Fitzroy IDR 359,000


Chill and Low-Key


This will practically look good with anything. Grande IDR 369,000


Lightly Chic


Lightweight in light blue. This neoprene outer piece is perfect for the times when you need a little protection from those chilly days. Light Blue Bethel IDR 329,000


Whimsically Warm


This #COTTONINKxMAF outerwear is definitely for the free-spirited. Laraine IDR 999,000


Functional Essential


One thing to note, practicality does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Beige Hatch IDR 449,000


Find the things to keep you warm here.

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