Whether you’re a believer or a sceptic, you’d likely find Tarot as a fascinating topic. So we actually didn’t know what  to expect when we set up a meeting with Canti Widyadhari a.k.a Foxglove Tarot for 247 COTTONINK Magazine. In case you don’t know her, Canti is the go-to Tarotist for some of your favorite media outlet, (her works have been published by Magdalene, Nylon and Thought Catalog) she’s been reading Tarot professionally since 2015, after she followed her intuition to drop her day job and move to Bali, hence the leap of faith paid off.  When we actually met the girl, it turns out that she’s super cool and chill! So we used the opportunity of meeting her to ask the questions we’re curious about all things Tarot, Astrology, and magic.


Photos by Abid Maulana


Watch the video below, as we get to know Canti, the pretty *magical* Tarot reader!

Read our whole conversation with Canti and go check out her IG here.

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